Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Sharjah Heritage Days Festival (4th - 20th April 2012)

The Sharjah Heritage Days Festival ....

.... begins today (4th April 2012) and runs until the 20th April ....

 .... with lots to see and do, both for young kids ....


.... and old kids too !!

An old (ca. 1920) Noba plate camera from Mexico !!


Thursday, 15 March 2012

Sharjah Art Foundation Free Events

The Sharjah Art Foundation has arranged a number of free events (including free shuttle bus transport from various locations in Dubai) .... further details can be found on their web site at

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Middle East Motor Tuning Show (15th - 17th March 2012)

The Middle East Tuning Show (the premier exhibition showcasing car customisation, and including two drifting arenas) will be held in the Sharjah Expo Centre from 15th to 17th March 2012 - more details under

Saturday, 10 March 2012

The Perfect Wedding Show (7th - 10th March 2012 )

Held in two halls of the Sharjah Expo Centre (next to the Al Tawuum Mall) from the 7th through to the 10th March 2012 inclusive, the Perfect Wedding Show includes a superb selection of stands and booths with everything that a bride- (and groom-) to-be will need to plan their wedding day.


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Sharjah Light Festival (9th - 17th February 2012)

For the second year running, Sharjah held a Light Festival from 9th to 17th February 2012, where various buildings and locatins were transformed with the most spectacular light shows using still and video projected images, including 3D and laser light effects.

This photograph of the House Of Justice was published in Gulf News on 23rd September 2012 !!

Another view of the changing light show on the House Of Justice.

This is part of the video light show on Al Hisn Fort depicting the history of Sharjah.

Along the Al Majaz waterfront on the Buheira Corniche, these giant tulip-like lampshades changed colour every few seconds ....

.... and in the background is ....

.... the spectacular Al Majaz mosque.

This is what the Al Majaz mosque looks like when the light show is turned off !!

The Cultural Palace behind the Book Roundabout.

Alongside the Kuwait Roundabout.

Some of the rooms in this building in Al Qasba appeared to be popping forwards and backwards in 3D, accompanied to the sounds of drawers being opened quickly and slammed shut .... very realistic, but I'm glad that I was not drunk then !!!

The building now appeared to be opening and closing like the sides of an accordion !!

The other side of this building in Al Qasba had a spectacular laser light show.

Balls of fire outside the Central Souk in Sharjah.

A one-man-band plays his music outside the Central Souk.